Music is our life

   I cannot imagine my life without music, like most people. Music surrounds us everywhere. I fall asleep and wake up to music. I think that music is the best of what mankind has created. It is possible that music granted us by the God. Whatever the music was it evolves along with humanity. I think that classical music has been and will always be primary. I try to buy dcarecords through online Best Buy coupon code and feel happy. All equal to classical music. I always try to remember the classical music when recording something new. I think that the geniuses have created this music. Different people create and recorder music now. As a result, the music becomes a joint creation. They do not leave much time for writing and recording new music. I love the blues. Its creators are also a lot of work and were very talented. I used to record music in the style of blues-rock. It is new style, which appeared recently. I also like jazz. This style is very emotional. Unfortunately I did not have to record music in this style. But I think that is still to come. Electronic music is very popular now. This music has appeared thanks to new technologies. I often record electronic music. I cannot say that it pleases me very much. But I am not against this music. I think that it reflects modern society and youth in particular. Electronic devices are capable of recording very unusual music. Electronic music has many fans. I think that it is good. I often record popular music. I do not like this music at all. I think that popular music does not determine a style. It does not carry the semantic load. While this music can be heard in a relaxed atmosphere, popular music is designed for a wide listener. I like to record music in the style of rap. Rap is the music of the youth. Often this style is combined with other styles. For example recently I recorded the music in the style of rap with elements of classical music. Rock is surrounding by genre styles and a variety of ways. I used to record music in rock. I have some time acted in a rock band. I can say that I am a fan of this music.   


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