My Recording Studio

   I cannot live without music. I wanted to connect my life with music since childhood. I sang in the school choir. When I grew up, my friends and I organized a band. I played guitar very well. Then our group split up. Each developed its own interests. My friends found a job unrelated to music. But I just could not live otherwise. For some time I worked as a salesman CDs. I sold good examples online Best Buy coupon code and did it with great pleasure. Maybe it will seem ridiculous someone, but I felt close to the music, working there. I had amassed a small capital and bought recording equipment. It was primitive. I put this equipment at home. Neighbors constantly complained about the loud music. Therefore, I often had to move. I recorded the music that composed by my own. I did it just for the soul. Then I found out about local groups. I started to record their music. I pretty well do it. One group became famous. These guys recommend me to their friends. So I became known. I rented a room, bought new equipment and opened own recording studio. I have a lot of work at present. I have worked with many famous musicians. At the same time, I compose own music. I compose music in an electronic style. I also like rap music. I spend a lot of time in studio. We recently recorded an album with a famous rap artist. I really like his music. He is a very talented musician. Often, I write music for singers of popular music. When I work I feel that I live. Music is as the air for me. Music is the meaning of my life. I think it is good when a person likes what he does. I want to leave a mark in music history. Maybe someday I will record my own album. This is my dream today. Incidentally, I met my wife through music. She came to me to write her first song. We met and fell in love. A year later we married. I am grateful to the music that she brought me with such a wonderful person. My wife is also in love with music. Soon we will be born baby. We are a happy family. We have a favorite thing. Music bound us. Music is always playing in our house. When we get tired, we include relaxing music. This music helps to gain strength and relax.  


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